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    We have a wide network of ready to go professionals with the appropriate skills who are available within a short notice. We currently work with our network when the need to scale out operations to match the demands of different projects arises. Our goal would be to grow the company with talented STEM graduates from University.
    Dunn Mukosa
    Dunn MukosaCo Founder & Managing Partner
    Dunn Mukosa is the co-founder and managing partner of BI Technologies Africa (BI Tech). Dunn is currently the technical and operations advisor for a private equity firm and also plays a strategic advisory role for utilities in West and East Africa. Dunn has worked in the energy and utility sector for over 16 years, during that time he managed over 80 projects and created an internal consultancy with over 70 consultants mainly focusing on mission critical projects. His current interests are focusing on adding value to businesses across Africa through: • Leadership development by coaching executives in various industries. • Adoption of digital solutions in organizations. • Advisor in operations excellence.
    Towela  Mukosa
    Towela MukosaCo Founder & Managing Partner
    She has worked in the business intelligence and analytics industry developing and implementing solutions in Africa and Europe for over 14 years. She has worked at various consulting houses and has experience in the following industries: Public sector, Financial services, manufacturing, retail, telecoms, healthcare, logistics, pharmaceuticals and utilities. She is currently focusing on adding value to businesses by: • Developing and implementing internet of things (IOT) solutions that focuses on digitization, agile methodology and the adoption of solution. • Developing adaptable digital solutions to solve African business problems focusing on human capital behaviour change. • Developing customer centricity strategies, leveraging technology platforms and change management principles.

    We aim to create a business information footprint in developing African economies by achieving innovative solutions, with the best people and in the best quality.

    Network Resources
    • Data scientists / BI developers
    • Management consultants
    • IT project managers
    • Change consultants
    • Data warehouse architects
    • IBM Business Partners
    • Cloud solutions
    • Business Intelligence
    • Predictive and advanced analytics
    • IT project management
    • Change management

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    9 Albatross Drive

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    Skype: BI-Tech.Africa
    Twitter: @bi_tech_africa